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An Open Letter To Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Dear Governor Snyder,

Both the Governor and legislature have made it abundantly clear that the state's top two priorities are enabling corporations to maximize profits and enriching the state treasury, with the second being done despite glaring needs in social programs. There is no reason to expect any change in policy for the immediate future.

Therefore, I ask the Governor and Republican lawmakers to cease pretending to represent me, and refrain from expressing concern for my well being. This is a lie.

Furthermore, I request an honest acknowledgement of the state's true intentions, which are:
Enabling the rich to become even richer by reducing taxes on business. Increasing the tax burden on the middle class to support state spending.Gutting environmental protections which adds to global warming and greatly increases the risk to public health from air, water and soil pollution.Undermining the value of public education in favor of for-profit charter schools which have not proven…

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