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Long as You Buy, Big Food Doesn't Care If You Live or Die

You know those ads and commercials that show how much the food industry cares about your well being? The ones where happy and healthy families are laughing and having a good time while consuming generous quantities of the company's latest junk?  Pure propaganda. We know it, and yet we still devour. Why? Because they've got us hooked! They know, as with any junkie, we can't resist getting our preferred fix.

The agriculture, dairy, food processing and retail industries only care about squeezing out every penny of profit - at the expense of the public's physical, emotional and spiritual health. Your health and happiness are of no concern, despite all those feel-good images of vibrant consumers.

We've seen the warnings about mercury in tuna, wood pulp in Parmesan cheese, ground beef treated with ammonia to retard E. coli. These are examples of how the media exposes some of the dangerous and deceptive practices of Big Food. The problem is, the public assumes corrective…

Big Tobacco is Proud to Support the Mentally Ill

Want more proof that nothing is out of bounds for tobacco companies in carrying out their profitable mission to push "nicotine delivery systems" any way they can? Consider this -

Did you know mentally ill adults smoke one third of all cigarettes in the US? It's true, and it didn't come about just by accident. In 2007 Big Tobacco was forced to admit that starting in the 1950s it had targeted mentally ill people with bogus scientific evidence and free cigarettes.

Two whopping lies were used to convince vulnerable people, their families and even the medical profession that smoking cigarettes was a good idea. It was claimed:
Smoking relieves the symptoms of psychosis, depression and anxiety.Mentally ill people have special immunity to tobacco-related disease. These unbelievably cynical fabrications were pushed so aggressively by cigarette-makers that many customers/victims still believe them and suffer the effects.

But that's not all we have to offer!

Smoking has beco…

Could It Be Trump Is Actually Trying to Lose the Election?

Is it possible that Donald Trump doesn't want to be President, and is trying to lose the election on
purpose? Consider these facts:
Fact: He continues to do all he can to alienate three of the largest minority groups in the nation.Fact: He does nothing about his lack of popularity with women.Fact: In addition, recent statements have now alienated the military and the NSA.Fact: He has no campaign organization or strategy to speak of, and shows no sign of plans to do so.Fact: His words and actions continue to separate him from the Republican Party's leadership.Fact: His words and actions have inspired new movements within the Party to undermine his candidacy.Fact: He once admitted that entering the race was just a lark, and he never expected to be nominated.Fact: He is exploring the possibility of starting his own cable tv network.Fact: Wouldn't he see this as a spectacular way to build his brand, even if only in his own mind? You have to admit, it makes as much sense as anyt…